Competition Results

The results of the competitions held in the county are below. Should you notice any mistakes please email us and we will gladly correct them.

Senior Epee 2014

Senior Epee Individual and Team Championships, 16th March 2014 at Sparsholt College

Mixed Individual Competition:

1              Gates, Andy SOUTHAMPTON EPEE CLUB                              
2              Hart, Jasper WINCHESTER COLLEGE
3T           Chapman, Alexander CLUB ESCRIME WINCHESTER          
3T           Russell, James UA
5              Pao, Alvon WINCHESTER COLLEGE
6              Norman, Simon PORTSMOUTH UNIVERSITY                          
7              Edwards, Chris PORTSMOUTH UNIVERSITY                          
8              Bradley, David CLUB ESCRIME WINCHESTER                        
9              Norris, Andrew SOUTHAMPTON EPEE CLUB                         
10           Seale, Alexander SOUTHAMPTON EPEE CLUB                         
11           Rees, John SEACOURT                           
12T         Morris, Jenny PORTSMOUTH & SOUTHSEA                        
12T         McQueen, Ian CLUB ESCRIME WINCHESTER                        
14           Williams, Nick                                    
15           Smith, Will ESPADA                                 
16           Ward, Dennis ESPADA                                 
17           Fuller, Luke PORTSMOUTH UNIVERSITY                          
18           Amey, John CLUB ESCRIME WINCHESTER                        
19           Torricelli, Emiliano SOUTHAMPTON EPEE CLUB                         
20           Blight, Nigel SOUTHAMPTON EPEE CLUB                         
21           Clements, Vicki ESPADA                                 
22           Slardino, Peter WINCHESTER COLLEGE
23T         Pasquino, Luca PORTSMOUTH UNIVERSITY
23T         Venn, Andrew SOUTHAMPTON EPEE CLUB

Team Competition:
1     Southampton Epee Club 1
2     Winchester College