Competition Results

The results of the competitions held in the county are below. Should you notice any mistakes please email us and we will gladly correct them.

Hampshire Age Group Foil (U12, U14, U16, U18 Boys & Girls)

Held at Hordle Walhampton School on the 25th October 2009

Under 18 Boys:

1.James HOADWinchester College
2.Frederick THIEDEWinchester College
3.Bede WESTClub Escrime Winchester
3.Hector LLOYDCheam
5.Conner DAVEYEspada
6.Matthew BYRNEEspada
7.Callum MARRSLymington Walhampton
8.Sam HIBDITCHLymington Walhampton
9.Christian GROSELymington Walhampton

Under 18 Girls:

1Phoebe LUTHEREscrime Winchester
2Elizabeth MCLEAN   Escrime Winchester

Under 16 Boys:

1.Mark LEGKOVSKYEscrime Winchester
2.Huon MACKLEYClub Escrime Winchester
3.Keir OVINGTONEspada
3.Matthew CRAWSHAWClub Escrime Winchester
5.Zayd HUSSEINI-EYREClub Escrime Winchester
6.Hugo LLOYDCheam
7.Oisin SHAWLymington Walhampton
8.Roderick MCLEANClub Escrime Winchester
9.Seb CLARKEEspada
10.Kyle WILLIAMSEspada
11.Nick HIBDITCHLymington Walhampton
12.Michael EGANLymington Walhampton
13.Dominic GROSELymington Walhampton

Under 14 Boys:

1.Thaddaeus BUXTONCheam
2.Hugo WALTERSLymington Walhampton
3.Archie LLOYDCheam
3.Andrew MEAD-BRIGGSClub Escrime Winchester
5.William CHESSELLCheam
6.Alex MARRSLymington Walhampton
7.Dominic KEENSway
8.Charlie EYEARSEspada
9.Max MURPHYClub Escrime Winchester
10.Joshua THOMPSONSway

Under 12 Boys:

1.Fergus FOLEYEscrime Winchester
2.Rian TESTEREspada
3.Seb RUTTEREspada
3.James HODGSKINCheam
5.Oscar JAMESEspada
6.William SHEARDLymington Walhampton
7.Henry WOOLDRIDGELymington Walhampton
9.Alex ARNOLDEspada
10.Marcus MESSEREspada

Under 12 Girls:

1.Anna MCQUEENEscrime Winchester
2.Clara WILSONCheam
3.Minna EADIECheam
3.Flora LLOYDCheam
5.Kitty LLOYDCheam
6.Ottilie BUXTONCheam
7.Elizabeth DUBOISHordle Walhampston School
8.Isabella MOORECheam
9.Grace MARRSHordle Walhampston School